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March 2004
 - Harley invites Ann to visit his spiritual development class. The group does a remote viewing exercise on secret experiments. We hear about a little girl named Cindy who died around 1960. Richard and the Rabbi speak to the group.

- Second meeting: remote viewing of experiments involving children at a hospital. Brian tells us about his life as a street kid and frequent visitor to the hospital where he was part of CIA experiments in which small children were drugged and electro-shocked..

- Third meeting: remote viewing, and visits from two more children, Eric and Cindy, who were in the experiments. Harley's Joy Guide, Richard, sums things up: "We got work to do."

April 2004

In Washington, DC, at the National Security Archive, Ann finds documents which back up the children's channeled statements of being in "sensory isolation" and other experiments, probably at McGill in the 1950s and 60s.

She finds more confirmation in files at the Gazette library, showing the Gazette and Montreal Star gave consistently glowing coverage to Dr. Ewen Cameron and the Allan Memorial in hundreds of articles dating back to 1943. The Websters and McConnells, who owned the Gazette and the Star, also made generous donations to the Allan and the Montreal Neurological Institute, as did the Rockefeller Foundation.

June-November 2004:

Ann returns to Greece, writes MY COLD WAR.

November 2005: Filming begins

January 2006: In Vancouver, Ann meets other researchers, including Kevin Annett, who has collected hundreds of documents showing experiments on children conducted across Canada. Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of aboriginal children, orphans, and street children were abused, tortured and murdered in secret military research projects, as well as in residential schools, hospitals, and other facilities. This explosive secret has been kept hidden for five decades, but with new Freedom of Information legislation, and also thanks to the internet, the veil of secrecy is lifting.

There are signs that the secret program is being revamped and will surface again under the guise of extending mental health programs into communities, and reaching out to young people with schizophrenia, or ADHD, for example.



and also




 so ... WHAT DO WE DO NOW?

If we believe in the work we have done so far,

And if  we believe "remote viewing" can be used for individual and collective healing:

 What's next?


March, 2004: Brian, a street kid who died in experiments at the Allan Memorial, told us to look up an archive about reporter John Robertson, who was investigating the experiments on children and members of the military. Brian told us John "ran away" before the series could be published.

The file on reporter John Robertson at the Gazette confirms he did indeed "run away" -- in August, 1977, the same week the story of secret CIA experiments at the Allan became international news with publication of John Marks' The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. Robertson was surrounded by three thugs in the parking lot of the Gazette, and told to get his family out of Quebec, or else. The Robertsons left for Winnipeg the following day. His series of articles on child experiments at the Allan never appeared. In 1973, all files relating to these experiments were destroyed by the CIA.


In November 2005, our remote viewing team travelled back to 1960, to a secret wing of the Allan Memorial, and learned of DR. QUINT, the evil surgeon who coldly murdered children in experiments financed by the military under Project MKULTRA.

PROOF: According to our Google search,  Dr. Richard D. Quint is still alive. A pediatric neurosurgeon at the University of California at San Francisco, he is still active at conferences. One of his causes is discrediting holistic therapies, and promoting the "proven results" of surgical intervention. He doesn't mention he received his early training in terminal experiments on children.

During that remote viewing session, Harley read files stored in a basement tunnel under the Allan. These files were partly coded, and contained information about the program which corresponds to what has been written: MKULTRA was forced to move from the Allan because too many hospital workers were quitting, and too many people were finding out about the hideous work going on there.




  1. Follow up our viewing with further research
  2. Contact more "missing children"
  3. Create a network


And then
  1. Spread the word
  2. Teach others
  3. Change the world!

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