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EVIL EYE by Ann Diamond



The poignant and the absurd. Erogenous danger zones. Ordinariness gone berserk. This is Ann Diamond territory, explored with a stunning lightness of touch. Moving from existentialism in the Ottawa Valley, to the Messiah at a falafel stand in Cairo, these wry and intelligent stories are bulletins from the front lines.


EVIL EYE [Winner of the QSPELL Hugh MacLennan Award for Fiction, 1994.] “As in Diamond’s earlier collection, Snakebite, some of the stories are realistic and others fantastical, but in both, the absurd lurks just outside the door and seeps in under the cracks.” - Montreal Gazette

“Diamond’s uncluttered language reveals the chill inherent in keeping one’s eyes -- and heart -- stationed on the borders of experience.” - Books in Canada

Excerpt - ROADS TO FREEDOM By Ann Diamond

In 1967, a UFO made a brief landing in the field of a farmer who lived up the road from our summer cottage. Craig Robertson and his son, Warren, were out late mending fences when they saw the bright disc appear out of a clear evening sky a few hundred yards from where they stood. Small lights flashed around the rim of the craft, which hovered a small distance above the ground, dead-centre in a field of young oats. The two men decided they’d been working too hard, and turned to go home. As they walked toward the wood-frame house on the hill, they looked back and saw the object as it ascended slowly over their heads and cruise rapidly in the direction of the next farm. That farm belonged to a cousin of theirs, Norman Patterson. When they came into the kitchen, the phone was ringing, and it was Mrs. Norman Patterson, all flustered. She wanted to know if they had seen something strange fly over their land a minute ago. She and Norman had been digging in the garden and seen it streak over, lights flashing, before it headed toward the Ottawa River and disappeared somewhere in the skies of Quebec.

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